Anne van Kesteren

Styling feeds

I took Simon Jessey's styles from his RSS feed, made a XSLT file and now my RSS2.0 file has a better look. Simon had the idea and I built in about 15 minutes (yes markup is easy) a really simple XSLT file to handle my feed.

(I don't provide titles for common technical abbreviations anymore. You may be using a screen reader, but the topics of this weblog won’t change. So I do mark abbreviation up with the appropriate element, but I don’t provide a title for them.)

The XSLT file (links removed). I hope you like it. The reason I used XSLT, was because that is the only way to make the links clickable. The reason my title is currently 'escaped' is different, please don’t comment about it.


  1. I'm sure I read somewhere that one of the major aggregators chokes on XSLT links... But that's probably wrong.

    Personally, I've been using CSS for a while now to style my RSS 2 feed. Since it has an XHTML body, it works nicely with my sites (ex-)stylesheet.

    Posted by Gary F at

  2. The XSLT-file. File was removed a while ago.

    Posted by Robbert Broersma at

  3. Thanks for adding that comment Robbert, my old server supported the .xslt extension, though I think it is not the correct one.

    Posted by Anne at