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The Netherlands and web standards

Currently we have three web standard companies in Holland, which also look great (the reason I excluded Limpid..):

I think that at least one person of each company is reading this weblog and probably more (net) professionals. I think every Dutch professional knew Netprofessional, which stopped, since there weren't enough advertisements. The forum however continued for a while and one of the regular posters, Michiel, 'donated' a new forum, which is now used by most of the old members: Digital Design Forum.

Unfortunately there aren't many (I think I'm the only one :)) who think about/use web standards on that forum (thanks Mark). I think that should be changed, the people who post there are the web designers/developers in Holland and they should be convinced for using correct (X)(HT)ML and CSS. 'Cause when that happens, more starters will see the use of correct markup and style and will try to do what others did before them.

So I think the question I'm going to ask will be obvious, if you are reading this weblog and you can write/speak Dutch, are interested in web standard and want to share you knowledge with others: Join that forum now!. Thanks for taking the time reading this item.

Side note: If you are subscribing to the forum expect to be accepted after 24 hours. The security level is really high, which guarantees the 'quality' of the forum I think/hope :).


  1. Unfortunately there aren't many (I think I'm the only one :)) who think about/use web standards.

    What about me then? Anyway, I signed up. Let's say if I'll stick around there.

    Posted by Mark Wubben at

  2. Let's say if I'll stick around there

    Let's see I mean :)

    Posted by Mark Wubben at

  3. Thanks for the props, Anne! The validation of is imminent. I found that building your own corporate site is one of the hardest things to do, leaving basi things like this unresolved. So, please bare with us for a while, maybe one day a proud link 'validates as XHTML 1.0' will be added! ;-)

    Posted by folkert at

  4. Hey, Anne. Would this be something for me to join? Sounds interesting.

    Posted by Egor Kloos at

  5. The forum is for everyone who can write Dutch and has experience in webdesign and/or development. So it would definitely be something for you! ;)

    Posted by Anne at

  6. Don't forget that there also is a very active (and pretty high-level) Dutch discussion board about everything concerning webdevelopment and design on Gathering of Tweakers.

    By the way...what is the definition of a web standard company?

    Posted by Menno at

  7. Yeah thanx for the compliment on us other members of DDF :P
    Can't leave without saying my log validates XHTML strict.

    Your comment page is pretty messed up at the moment i guess you are working on it.

    Posted by Folkert (Nederflash) at