Anne van Kesteren

Happy new year!

Although I'm almost twelve and a half hour in the new year, I want to wish everyone a happy, peaceful and standard compliant new year! I've been quite ill the last couple of weeks with the most important reason that I spent too much (on internet...). From the two weeks holiday I spent 10 days in bed :-).

It is going better now and I have some things I'd like to do this year on the internet, like building more sites that make our clients happy. Getting the companies site online (including a portfolio). Spending some time on Mozilla. Trying to find some interesting HTML, CSS and XUL (the book from O'reilly is really good by the way) bugs and closing some obvious invalid or duplicates, so developers have more time to work on the code. And of course, a remake of this weblog. Possibly at another location with fresh markup (I'll discuss that with you, if you don't mind, since it is going to be used in the comments as well).


  1. Veel schoonheid en troost in 2004!

    Posted by ACJ at

  2. All the best to you in 2004!!!

    Posted by Minz Meyer at

  3. Happy (New-4.96/365) Year Anne! I wish you all the best in 2004 (including extraordinarily valid markup and fantastically cascading stylesheets :).

    I'm already looking forward to a full year's worth of posts, and, of course, the redesign ;)

    Posted by Lars Holst at

  4. I've just got back online and luckily have no withdraw symptoms...

    Although the two week break gave me time to go hunting down some really stupid CSS errors I forgot to iron out early last December.

    Happy 2004 Everyone.

    Posted by Robert wellock at