Anne van Kesteren

Tabular data

There are some things you need to know about using tables the correct way. First of all: they can't be styled cross-browser. There are problems in Internet Explorer and KHTML browsers (like Safari and Konquerer) (see also: [CSS] tabellen vormgeven in IE).

Second; the order of <thead/>, <tbody/> and <tfoot> may not be as you would expect. tfoot should appear before tbody according to the Document Type Definition of HTML4.01:


This is probably done for the end user, that way they can easily see the results (which almost always appear in the footer, like a conclusion in a text) before the other data is loaded. I'm still not sure if this is good for accessibility, but I've also the opinion that we shouldn't care about Netscape 4.x (as example) at all. Netscape 4.x is graphical browser and lots of newer browsers have been released with even fewer security holes (if that is reason to stick with Netscape 4.x).