Anne van Kesteren

Feed content types

My version of WordPress is still under construction, since I want all the function I had in MovableType, back :-). That is going to work, but it will probably take some time. This weblog has now got some styling (minimal) so I can focus on hacking around WordPress.

Currently I have three feeds for this weblog. An 'experimental' Atom feed. A RDF feed (RSS1.0 I believe) and a RSS2.0 feed (2.01?). Atom had the correct content-type by default: application/atom+xml (although I think it should be application/x-atom+xml, since it is unregistered).

RDF and RSS both had text/xml as their content-type, which is correct, but I thought I saw it more specific in the past. The most correct RSS content-type is application/rss+xml (this one is also unregistered I believe) in my humble opinion. Well actually, I agree with Mark Pilgrim:

At the moment, there doesn't seem to be much agreement about what Media-type to use for RSS files. Userland, which is kind of the RSS industry leader, serves them as text/xml. Infoworld, a fairly sophisticated tech pub, uses text/html. Mark Pilgrim, a popular blogger who thinks really hard about these things, uses application/rss+xml.

RDF was found by a search at Google (near the bottom): application/rdf+xml. If Internet Explorer didn't exist, every part of this weblog was some type of XML (with the correct content-type).

You may try to comment, but there are some problems that need to be solved. I'll fix the errors you make ;-)