Anne van Kesteren

Microsoft Frontpage and valid HTML

</p>That's right. We said Frontpage</p> O my god, how is this going to affect the new (?) Internet Explorer (thanks Mark for this hilarious image) ...


  1. OM... See line 28 :-D

    Posted by Timon at

  2. Hehehehe.........

    Posted by Gordon M at

  3. No wonder I was looking bemused for some peculiar reason the animation didn't start for ages I still see not mention of DTD though it is probably due to accessibility laws that they are cleaning up their act.

    Posted by Robert Wellock at

  4. Somehow I feel that frontpage is still gonna stink. And the web advertising team who made that Flash AD should be shot for letting a mistake like that go live. Morons.

    Posted by Egor Kloos at

  5. I can't post long comments, it seems. Your blog only says "You have tried to bypass the preview and submit an invalid comment. Needless to say you have failed.".

    Posted by Asbjorn Ulsberg at