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Take back the web Branding Mozilla: Towards Firefox 1.0, NEW ROUND OF RELEASES EXTENDS MOZILLA PROJECT’S STANDARDS BASED OPEN SOURCE OFFERINGS, branding firefox, Firebird wordt Firefox. This should have been a list.


  1. Tsk tsk. I'll say i too:

    That should've been a list.

    Oh well. Rejoice! FireFox is here!

    PS I had to make that space with paragraphs. What is that, <br /> are illegal tags?

    Posted by [m] at

  2. I'm haven't done much about the accepted elements in the comments, I'll take a look this afternoon.

    Posted by Anne at

  3. Anne, I believe you have to check kses.php for that.

    Posted by Rogier Strobbe at

  4. kses.php is disabled. Plain HTML text however is still converted to paragraphs and linebreaks. I believe <br /> does has some use, perhaps you can add it in the XHTML validator Anne?

    Posted by Mark Wubben at

  5. Enabled
    Quite easy actually.

    Posted by Anne at