Anne van Kesteren

HTML isn't easy

<!-- Hier splashpagina indien javascript uit blijkt te staan -->
<div id="intro" name="intro" style="position:relative;visibility:hidden;">
<table border="0" width="100%" height="100%"><tr><td height="100%" width="100%" valign="middle" align="center"><p>Voor deze site dient u Javascript in te schakelen.</td></tr></table>

Yes indeed. CSS is the perfect method to hide messages for people with JavaScript enabled. Of course it isn't, how about people who have JavaScript disabled. Most of them don't have a very old browser: 4% has JavaScript disabled, 0% is using a very old browser which doesn't support CSS.

They should have used the NOSCRIPT element (which they are using for their counter, but not for this message :S).

One last point is that if they did al these things correct (I think companies should do what they are good at and hire people for things they don't get) there are still people (who's numbers are increasing) who have popups blocked, like myself.

I you are not using a decent browsers, the code comes from O.


  1. anne: i never maximize my browser (i have it set to 800px width) and with this particular entry your site displays a huge amount of whitespace underneath the blockquote.

    Posted by huphtur at

  2. And finally, that's mixing of presentation and content.

    Posted by David house at

  3. Is it some big company? (I couldn't get through, popups blocked). Tell them they just lost many customers.

    Posted by dusoft at

  4. Unfortunately, even pages of the government are badly written.

    Posted by Anne at