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Gmail accounts for fixed bugs

Since I'm not yet a very good C++ coder myself and I'm still on Windows which makes it impossible to patch for me, I tried everything with regard to patching on Windows, believe me, I'm offering Gmail accounts for everyone who fixes a CSS bug in Mozilla. It should be fixed from today of, not yesterday and if you fix bug 3247 within a reasonable time you will get 5 accounts. (10 accounts to give away.)

I doubt it if I get rid of my accounts this way, but it's worth the try in my opinion.


  1. When will the inline-block bug be fixed? This is imho even more important than the :before and :after pseudo elements, since inline-block is even supported by Internet Explorer.

    Yes, I know about -moz-inline-block, but that's not a viable solution. It's enough to special-knit stylesheets for Internet Explorer.

    Posted by Asbjørn Ulsberg at

  2. Euh, I mentioned another bug in the post, which has nothing to do with those pseudo-elements. A bit with ::marker perhaps, but nothing with ::before and ::after. Note that no browser has good inline-block support yet.

    However, if you want that bug to be fixed Asbjørn, you could reward something for the person who fixes it :-)

    Posted by Anne at

  3. Ok, I didn't read your specific comment. When it comes to proper inline-block support, what Opera and Internet Explorer does with it is quite enough for me; it lets you specify a width on inline elements. All the other aspects of inline-block is not that important to me, at least.

    If I had something to dispose of by lottery, I would have done it to get the annoying inline-block bug fixed in Mozilla. But I have no reward, so I guess I'll just have to complain and be patient. :-)

    Posted by Asbjørn Ulsberg at

  4. That comment is irrelevant for the bug actually. I liked to spam bugs back then :-).

    The bug is about counters, something Opera does support. Opera doesn't support inline-block however and neither does Internet Explorer. (IE has some non native support when the element has display:inline applied.)

    Posted by Anne at

  5. Those tests you hyperlinked all seem to work fine in Opera for me, Anne, unless I misunderstood something in the descriptions.

    Posted by J. King at

  6. You misunderstood ;-). In IE those test cases (almost) work as expected (that doesn't mean it supports it though). Opera doesn't apply padding correctly if I remember correctly; Ian Hickson told me that, when I thought Opera supported this.

    Posted by Anne at

  7. I don't think a Gmail invite is worth anything at all, these days. Besides, all knowledgeable and tech-savvy people have an account already. :-)

    Posted by Jan! at

  8. Even if I could fix this problem, I wouldn't have an GmAil account if you threw it at me. At least not if it's as inaccessible as Mark Pilgrim suggests.

    And back to the inline-block support in Opera and Internet Explorer: I know they don't support it the way they should. But they both «support» it exactly to cover my needs, which is to set an explicit width on an inline element.

    In Mozilla, you can't do this any other way than to XBL bind some crap to an element, or by using display: table-cell which are both really horrible solutions to this rather simple problem.

    Posted by Asbjørn Ulsberg at