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It's all about LINK

This is great. My entry archive pages (example: /archives/2004/03/a-hole-in-html and my monthly archive pages (example: /archives/2004/03) and several other pages have been made LINK compatible. The aforementioned archive pages are the best though, using rel="up", rel="first", rel="prev", rel="next" and rel="last". Advantages? Endless browsing fun in Mozilla and some Google points perhaps, nothing more. I just like markup and I'm trying to bring this site closer to perfection. I want to thank Faruk Ates, who is (still) working on a CSS-focused site at KuraFire for solving various SQL related problems.

A small screen shot is available for the few people who are still using Internet Explorer.


  1. And Opera. Besides, I don't even know how Konquerors and Safaris support is in this matter.

    Posted by Frenzie at

  2. I've implimented the same thing some time ago. It was very easy to pull off using Movable Type's template tags. I like sites that impliment similar navigation and I like the fact that Mozilla supports it so nicely even more.

    Posted by ACJ at

  3. And Opera.

    Do you mean Opera does or doesn't have support for this? View > Toolbars > Navigation Bar

    Posted by Charl van Niekerk at

  4. Ah, great. I use Opera, and begin to get more and more dependant on these shortcuts. I despite web sites that doesn't use them, especially in multi-paged documents as image galleries, split articles and such. Not being able to read all pages of an article with [space] sucks.

    Posted by Asbjørn Ulsberg at

  5. Hey Anne, how about a home and author link (and perhaps contents = archive page)?

    Posted by Mike P. at

  6. Charl, Anne brings it as if Mozilla is the only browser supporting this. In my opinion Opera does it better than Mozilla... besides, if you hadn't yet noticed, I'm amongh the Opera users here. :)

    Posted by Frenzie at

  7. Frenzie, please stop whining about Opera here. I never said Opera didn't support it. Opera doesn't have such a good LINK support as Mozilla has though, since it doesn't handle custom values for REL and it doesn't handle rel="section" and various other non normative defined alternatives.

    And just saying it supports it better in your opinion without providing links and or examples is just flaming, keep it constructive.

    Posted by Anne at

  8. I mistakenly thought Opera just added any non-supported rel right to the supported ones, which I preferred (or rather would have preferred) over Mozilla's way of "More". However, I was wrong as I just noticed from a test-case I constructed. There remains Opera's customize dialog in combination with Show only when needed, which gives you the ability to make the (sadly only build in) link attributes show up literally everywhere.

    Posted by Frenzie at

  9. Nice, I like the search! I'm off to put these into fiftyfoureleven - thanks Anne! (and home+contents?)

    Posted by Mike P. at

  10. Mike, I'm working on it, eventually I will map everything that exists :-). I'm already using "top start" for the homepage, but I might as well add the "home" keyword to that as well.

    Posted by Anne at

  11. Source code? Source code? Source code?

    Posted by Joe Clark at