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Recent (personal) projects

A few days ago I released (blogline), a weblog about games (obvious, I know), for a friend of mine. I guess rel"me" is appropriate, since I'm a contributor to that page. (I should update the Atom feed to reflect that.) Probably not too often, since I don't play that many games and don't have much time to do so, but I will write something. We are using Markdown for formatting markup and we store the Markdown markup in the database. The output is valid HTML 4.0 Strict, since there was no reason for XHTML. (There is no GameXML we wanted to use, besides, Internet Explorer people belong to our target audience.) Also, we wanted to use Google ads without much trouble because we could earn something with it (in 5 years perhaps) and it made the page look better. If you are a designer and can't stand that page without favicon, don't be afraid to contact one of us. We don't care if you don't speak Dutch, if you can help to improve the design we would love that.

However, I really liked putting together that system in around 8 hours. It is great fun building your own weblog system. Implementing all kind of things you always wanted like proper support for atom:modified and atom:id. I now store atom:id in the database in a separate field and it can't be changed after the post has been made. I should probably do the same for the 'slug' field, however that field is sometimes messed up the first time :-). (I'm going to bulletproof that one next.)

I also put up something at blogspot for my little brother, Remy's log (blogline). I think he should get his own domain, but at the moment he doesn't have enough money to buy one. Getting him on my space is going to be tricky since I'm already far over my bandwidth limit. (Maybe I should switch to HTML?) In my opinion he's quite a good writer and others have confirmed that. So if you are Dutch you might want to read/follow it.

The last involves contributing to Mozilla. I now have my own CVS account. However, I think I want to write more detailed about this later.


  1. Talking bout you're minimal design game site :-)

    Posted by Rogier at

  2. I like the minimalistic code on It's very clean, and it's quite easy to see what's going on. I hate to have to admit it, but the html, head, and body tags only makes the code look bloated.

    The visual design might maybe be a little too minimalistic for my personal taste, but still very nice!

    Posted by Charl van Niekerk at

  3. Good luck with Anne. Those types of projects (a passion + money making potential) are always fun to have around.

    Posted by Mike P. at

  4. Your brother IS a good writer (it's all in the Family). The subjects might not be really interesting though.

    I wish him good luck with his log and his writings.

    Posted by Jerome at

  5. Your brother is a good writer indeed.

    But, I do have a question for you, I remember that you had a message on this blog:

    A header should not be a link stupid!

    Or at least something like that. But on you use a h2 (if I remember correctly, I'm too lazy to check) as a link?

    Posted by Blizt at

  6. Blizt: indeed, the header contains a permalink. But in the post you refer to Anne said it shouldn't be used as a replacement for more.../click here to read the full post...-links.

    Posted by Robbert Broersma at

  7. Morpheme-boundary issue: Games$log or Game$slog?

    I'd hate to have to slog through games. Though that's pretty much how I feel about the topic, PaRappa the Rapper and UmJammer Lammy excluded.

    Posted by Joe Clark at

  8. Ah, thanks for clearing that one up Robbert.

    I'm gonna start al over again (from scratch, although I may use some code from the old one like the databaseclass) and I may use the header as permalink too.

    Posted by Blizt at