Anne van Kesteren

dot eu spam

Apparently hosting providers like to spam people with dot eu offers. Although this domain extension is quite cool and I guess a lot of people want one there are no known registrar. Probably because they did not finish the launch of dot eu.

So although they can say they might be able to register that domain if they become a registrar and act fast enough they can never claim they can make reservations for dot eu domains.


  1. Hi, why is there no hreflang attribute in the Embedding Attributes Module of XHTML 2.0? And why are the hreftype and hreflang attributes not a part of XLink?

    Posted by GIB at

  2. Eight years (or so) ago I really was interested in .eu domain names. But today everybody and his dog has enough domains, at least a .com, a .net, several .ccTLDs, perhaps .info and .biz … All companies have their – for the several European markets needed – ccTLDs. There is no more need for .eu, except for our “European Government” official Web sites and some European, that is multi-national, projects.

    Some years ago, mid- to end-ninties, .eu would have been fine. But now it is just another Top Level Domain we are encouraged to waste our money with (like .info, .biz, etc.). Thanks, European bureaucracy.

    Posted by Lars Kasper at

  3. Now we should get ourselves .nato, .un, .terror, .christ, .budda, .satan, .home...

    Like if dot mobi was not enough. (Actually .mob would be a better TLD - suitable for gangsters all around the world)

    Posted by Patrys at

  4. Whahaha, the idea for .mob is just great! Gangsterism. Spanspek!

    Posted by Robbert Broersma at

  5. I have been waiting for .eu for the last 2 years. Release it already! *shakes fist*

    Posted by Hayo Bethlehem at