Anne van Kesteren

Over 50 gmail invites

Gmail is giving a lot of invites, mail (subject: Invite) if you want one. So now I have 50 invites again. And another 50 invites for the other account I have (see the contact page). For your information, all the spam the markup account recieves (the other gets close to zero) is perfectly filtered and directly moved to the spam folder by Gmail.


  1. Just like that? You don't care about spambots?

    Posted by Mathias Bynens at

  2. Maybe he figures the spambots will mail him, he'll send them invites, they'll use them, and then they'll get sued by google for violating the TOS.


    Posted by dolphinling at

  3. Maybe it's a test of Gmail's spam logic.

    Posted by J. King at

  4. That address has been public for a long time. The other one mentioned on the contact page is encoded and not really spammed. Gmail does a pretty good job of filtering by the way.

    For those who are still interested. I have (besides the invites on the markup account) another 50 invites on the account mentioned at the contact page.

    I guess it is going out of beta soon.

    Posted by Anne at

  5. Well, whatever, seems like everybody has Gmail and dozens of invites. I think it's just a marketing strategy because now I think many more people have a Gmail account than if it had been just easy to sign up like Hotmail.

    Posted by Frenzie at

  6. Whoa, Frenzie, you just reveiled this very big marketing secret! You are the first in the whole wide world that understands that's the way it really works! Mike; isn't that amazing?! I must confess I underestimated you for the past year... You rock!

    Posted by Robbert Broersma at

  7. I'm glad to see that we've just discovered de leukste thuis. So to translate comment five for those who see only what is written there: why bother making a whole freaking entry in your weblog for a puny little thing like that. Fact is, that is more rude and I thought it was a more stylish way to say it. Luckily you revealed the higher meaning of my post, I was completely unaware I was stating the obvious.

    Posted by Frenzie at

  8. Frenzie, I wonder why you read the post (and comment) if you do not think it is worth posting anyway. (This is in reply to comment 7. Comment 5 is just great.)

    Posted by Anne at

  9. I guess I was sort of bored at the time. Sorry for that to everybody who might feel offended or anything for that. In case anybody wants Gmail and doesn't have it yet, you can also mail to fransdejonge atcharacter gmail.

    Posted by Frenzie at