Anne van Kesteren


Mark Wubben (yes, sIFR Mark) and I are going to Denmark tomorrow; as intended. We will stay in a hotel by the way, to be a bit independent and because it was easier to arrange. Now we know there’s some other party going on in London around the same time and I’d very much like to meet Joe Clark. People who are very passionate about stuff tend to be interesting persons and can enlighten you on certain subjects. (That’s my experience.) But that’s not going to happen in London this weekend. I hope some other time.

Anyway, we’re going to Copenhagen. I’ve just studied — perhaps this would be a good time to thank Mark for arranging most of this event, if not all — the list of topics for reboot7 and they sound very interesting and varied which is cool as I don’t need information I’m already aware of.

The one thing Mark did mess up was the departure time. I just babbled with him on the phone for a bit and o my god. We actually need to be at 9:00 at the airport. That means I have to get up at 6:30 or so to get the bus an hour later. (I’m so very slow in the morning you just don’t follow… If you’d say that is related to your bed time you’re obviously right, but there isn’t a point to make here.) If I can find some PC with internet access and I get an hour alone with the thing I’ll try to post some reboot happenings. Not because you care, but I like to archive such events.

I’d almost forget. We’re planning to have breakfast on Friday at Novell to meet some people from the Mozilla XForms Project. Mostly, Allan Beaufour Larsen. (We were both a bit too busy with exams at school to attend to XTech in Amsterdam a few weeks back.)