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Reboot update

Posting this again from Colin´s computer. I just met another famous guy: Douglas Bowman! Just before I met him I read on Faruk´s weblog a little about his presentation and than Mark called me. Yesterday after the lunch or just before it I also saw a talk of the president of Wikimediafoundation talking about Wiktionary, Wikipedia, amounts of users, et cetera. (By the way, please e-mail me any spelling mistakes.) There was also quite an interesting presentation of Jason Fried from 37signals about small companies doing big things and moving a lot faster and after that a pretty boring one on Ruby on Rails. Probably because expected something else out of it, more practical instead of what it was about. Later that day we also saw a introduction of user interface design which was about fourty years old and pretty neat!

Back to today. I just had lunch. Before that I saw some presentations from Nokia about the evolution of mobile in general and one about user interface design. The former had a fun moment in it. Could everyone stand up who has an iPod? About ninety percent of the people in the audience stood up. Who has an iPod in their pocket at the moment Two people. iPod is not mobile. People laughed for a bit; me too. Then there was a talk about the failure of social networks and it was really good. When I get home I´ll try to get some links up. Then Douglas, who had a pretty nice presentation except that it felt a bit rushed. After that Ben Hammerley, who gave a great presentation about blogging in the past threehundred years and the social impacts of technical innovation. Than came lunch.


  1. wiktoinary -> wiktionary
    lauched -> laughed
    Than -> then (2x)

    I can notice you’re a bit rushed ^_^.

    Posted by Laurens Holst at

  2. You left out the most interesting bit: what did you have for lunch? ;)

    Nice to hear you're enjoying yourself, it sounds all very interesting.

    Posted by Tino Zijdel at

  3. Michael has some footage!

    Posted by Mathias Bynens at