Anne van Kesteren

Status update

I'm mostly moved to my new home in Utrecht together with a friend from secondary school. I will update my contact page some day with the new address and phone number. This week or next week we will have internet access. I'm planning to start some more regular posting — if time allows — from then on.

I'll probably attend the meeting in September as it is quite close to home.

University will start tomorrow with some courses. (Thanks to Jorgen I did not go to the wrong course today.) Everything, except for internet access, is coming along quite well and for once I look forward to a "school" year. See you the twenty-fourth of September in Utrecht.


  1. All fixed. Thanks.

    Posted by BtM909 at

  2. This is the right one.

    Posted by Krijn Hoetmer at

  3. So what are you studying?

    And I look forward to meeting you at the..ehm..meeting.

    Posted by AkaXakA at

  4. I'd like to go to the meeting, but I'd have to travel across an ocean. :)

    Good to see you're doing well, Anne! I look forward to your updates.

    Posted by Ryan at

  5. So what are you studying?

    From what I know, Anne will be studying informatiekunde... Oh look, it's ankester!

    Posted by Mathias Bynens at

  6. You're doing university and working at Opera? I'm confused.

    Posted by Chris Hester at

  7. Yes. What part is confusing?

    Posted by Anne at

  8. Well in the UK, going to university is a full-day thing. But so is work! So unless your work is part-time, I don't see how you can fit both in!

    Posted by Chris Hester at

  9. I saw that you've also subscribed for Multimedia. I think the first assignment is quite hard, build a portfolio in html+css :p! And I don't like the teacher either, but it's a good laugh.

    Posted by Chris at

  10. Well, first year students are apparently subscribed for certain subjects. I did not know I was going to attend Multimedia and did not plan to do it after Jorgen informed me about it. However, it is fun indeed. And our teacher knows quite a lot about SGML so it could be interesting. He also likes document technology and so do I.

    Posted by Anne at

  11. So, Chris, which teacher do you have? Hans Voorbij, Frans Wiering or Christof van Nimwegen?

    Oh, maybe I shouldn't have linked to their homepages. Now they will read that you don't like them...

    Posted by Sjoerd Visscher at

  12. Well, it's not personal, of course, but I don't like his style of teaching. He's just reading it out loud from his notes. I personally prefer a teacher who teaches a little bit more lively.

    I just had to laugh when I saw that Anne has subscribed, he's the last person who should be thaught html ;)

    Posted by Chris at