Anne van Kesteren

Norway again

I’m spending some time in Oslo again. Since Thursday afternoon last week I’m here. I really enjoy being here, although it does get a lot colder nowadays than it did in the summer (duh). So far I’ve seen a lot movies on Markus his projector and two in the cinema: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and Wallace & Gromit. One on Saturday together with Markus, someone from marketing and a few other people. The other one together with Eddy, Jonathan, Arve and Jonny. Both movies were fun. The others too. Sunday I have done some biking around Oslo together with Christian after having tried to catch up with my todo list for a bit. There is a wireless network from the neighbours which really comes in handy when you have to do some work, but don’t want to go to the office. Later that Sunday I visited Charles his cook-a-thon party (or long lunch II, whatever). Great fun!

At the moment I can’t sleep which sucks as I’m going to Copenhagen today by plane and after that by train over the border, to Lund in Sweden. At the end I will probably be exhausted and there is this W3C working group meeting starting tomorrow…