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CDF WG Meeting

Had a fantastic time in Sweden. (In Denmark yesterday I had fun too.) You would think that sitting around a table and talking for a bit about technical issues is very boring (although you do have a laptop at your disposal). However, the opposite is true. Being live at a meeting (Lund, Sweden) is a lot better than on the phone, as I did last August. You also go out together in the evening with the other people instead of moving from the office to your apartment. (Current situation: from my laptop to the kitchen.) So there is a lot more opportunity to talk to each other on various ideas. And more importantly, have fun together.

The day we were leaving Oslo it was snowing. Snowing! Really, some countries are weird. I had not seen it yet as I was sitting inside enjoying WiFi far too early to be awake. One reason I tried sleeping again, which fortunately worked out.

During the meeting there were a lot of positive resolutions, in my opinion. I believe there has been a lot of progress made in those three days. We are currently working on wrapping up the specification(s) for “Compound documents by Reference” (CDR) and have decided upon the scope for “Compound documents by Inclusion” (CDI) of which yours truly will be a co-editor. Snippet of a CDR document (note the double use of document here…) would look like:

<object data="foo.svg">

CDR is basically about two separate documents (or DOMs) connected to each other in some way. (Where some way is currently not really defined.) CDR also means framesets. Therefore CDR documents are quite widely deployed already. For CDI I host a simple testcase of SVG directly inside XHTML.

If you would like to see an example of a CDI document that will mostly likely not be desribed by the working group please see my SVG generated by script inside HTML testcase. The fun thing about this example is that there is no serialization back to a suitable document format. It can only exist in the DOM. (Perhaps HTML 5 will change that.) As said, it is highly unlikely that the CDF WG group will address these kind of situations. Multiple ID attributes on a single element, document identification, how DOM interfaces work for the same element in different namespaces (technically they are no longer the same element) are more likely candidates.

In the CDF Working Group there are quite some people from the SVG WG. I have to say, they are not ignorant. After all, they read this weblog. Clueless is probably a more appropriate term. (Would now be the time to say that my manager, Charles, is on that group?)


  1. Another example of some CDI you can see at my website’s statistics, I think it’s nice to see a ‘practical’ use of SVG instead of just for a simple illustration, as it is commonly used: User Agent statistics.

    btw, I’m a bit jealous ;p.


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    1. No one in the SVG Working Group is clueless, you tulip-sniffing Dutch freak. Say it to our face next time.
    2. Dean
    3. (SVG Working Group)

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  2. By the way Anne, please don't say W3C meetings are fun. We have a reputation for being boring to protect!

    And for anyone that doesn't understand the joke in the previous comment, view the source.

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