Anne van Kesteren

Rise of HTML

Couple of years back XHTML was king. X-Philes was hot and Mark Pilgrim was frowned upon for using HTML 4. Or perhaps just in general. The irony of the X-Philes page being HTML 4 went mostly unnoticed and grass was green. Back then I still believed in XHTML 2 and wrote lengthy positive articles about it in even more broken English than what I use today. Talking about being ignorant…

Anyway, time has changed. If you want to use XHTML for New Zealand governmental websites, you might want to reconsider that or at least contact them first. View the source code of that page as well. Yes, Roger Johansson uses HTML 4. As of today, he is not the only Swede anymore. Robert Nyman switched to HTML!

I guess people have noticed that XHTML 1 is not forwards compatible. At least not with XHTML 2 which is not backwards compatible. HTML 5 on the other hand has a clear migration path. Or perhaps it is none of that bullshit and it came out quite clearly that there where zero benefits. Nobody seems to use minimized markup though. Perhaps I should patent it. Using minimized markup and still introducing namespaces through the DOM is also really cool. Serialize that!

Perhaps I should start an HTML-aware list. Not with people who just use HTML, but with people who used to use XHTML in a non text/html way and then realized how things work. I guess the New Zealand government would be part of that list.