Anne van Kesteren

Activities and working groups

Yesterday I posted about new working groups within the W3C. As stated, one is focused on defining some existing APIs which will hopefully happen together with the WHATWG. The other one is still not really clear to me. Or at least, the planned deliverables seem to be done by other groups outside the W3C as well. (Later more about XBL.)

Anyway, my post, or the W3C notice on the subject, seemed to have caused some confusion with regards to the CDF WG. The WG will not be swallowed, however, it will be part of the same activity as the other two groups and most likely they will work together. The “Rich Web Client Activity” consists of three separate working groups each doing its own thing. It will be interesting to see how web browsers are going to react to this. Most have more or less committed on HTML5 and CSS. As most of the working groups under this activity are standardizing existing implementations and behavior it might not be that much of a problem.