Anne van Kesteren

W3C tries to catch up with the web

In a press release from yesterday the W3C states that it will start a Web APIs Working Group and a Web Application Formats Working Group. (Don’t ask me about the 2006 thing in the IRI. Perhaps some kind of anti-catching-up statement.) The W3C seems finally to acknowledge that the Window interface (and related things) exist, that XMLHttpRequest is cool (it was also included in SVG at one point…) and that drag & drop needs a standard. I surely hope they work closely together with the WHATWG which seems to have figured out most things already in the Web Applications 1.0 draft. (Also known as HTML5.)

They also want to standardize some kind of application format. XAML is mentioned, as is XUL. I wonder if Microsoft joins that working group. They also talk about an XBL2 which is already developed somewhere else. Time for flame wars or so. If time and Charles permit, I will be on one of those working groups mentioned above. Probably the API one.