Anne van Kesteren


So I met lots of new people, like Molly E. Holzschlag, Karl Dubost, Ian Jacobs, Markus Mielke, Andy Clarke, Paul Downey, fantasai, Tantek Çelik, Richard Ishida, Steven Pemberton, Doug Schepers, Luca Mascaro, Ivan Herman, Alfred S. Gilman, Lisa Seeman, Arun Ranganathan, Ian Davis, Janina Sajka, Danny Ayers, Eric Miller, Norman Walsh, Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer, Jon Ferraiolo, Richard Schwerdtfeger, François Yergeau, Stéphane Sire, Dan Connolly, Henry Story, Arthur Barstow, Coach Wei, Felix Sasaki, Chris Wilson, Thomas Roessler, Aaron Leventhal, Daniel Glazman and Bert Bos. (I hope to complete this list at some point.) All at the W3C Technical Planery.


  1. and me ;-)

    Posted by Paul Downey at

  2. Right, I wanted to check your name again to be sure. :-)

    Posted by Anne at

  3. Anne, the pleasure is all mine - a delight to meet you and look forward to knowing you better. M

    Posted by Molly E. Holzschlag at

  4. Nice to meet you too Anne!

    How about marking up your "met-roll" with XFN 1.1's rel="met"?


    Posted by Tantek at

  5. Maybe I should join one of you guys on an event and meetup with some people I only seem to know online. Offline rocks!

    Posted by Egor Kloos at