Anne van Kesteren


I work for Opera part-time. No surprise there. At the start of this week I went to Norway again. This is the third time I’m in Oslo, Norway. Last time was at the end of October. I mentioned colder in that post, now there is actually quite a lot of snow and slippery sidewalks. When I arrived at the airport someone told me it was minus fourteen that morning. Haven’t felt anything like that though during the week. It was ok. Yesterday the W3C Web APIs WG finished their three-day meeting held at Opera. It was fun. Met Dean, Robin, Gorm and Charles again. And a few new people, like Jonas from Mozilla (really great guy) and Jim from himself (or something like that). Of course I also met a lot of other people at Opera not attending that meeting. Staying in the apartment from Christian again, et cetera.

On the more technical side of things it seems the WG is progressing nicely. Most of our deliverables center about the phenomenon called misnomer. Take XMLHttpRequest for example. It’s about more than just XML, like plain text. Leaves us with HTTPRequest. It’s about more than HTTP, it works on the local file system. Leaves us with Request. Now it some point in time the SVG WG had an URLRequest interface, but let’s not go there. Besides, it would violate one of our other principles, being compatible with the web and the beloving browser from Microsoft. That is not to say we’re not up for introducing new things. It’s just that we don’t want to reinvent the wheel too much. If you actually care about this stuff I urge you to subscribe to public-webapi. You might get a lot of e-mail as both WG Members and the Public is active on that list. Yes, our WG turned more or less Public, except for the charter I believe. Source code for various specifications is available and ideas and such go to the public list.

Next week is the (I believe) yearly W3C Technical Planery in France. I’ll be there as well to meet with the CDF WG and the Web Application Formats WG. Leaving tomorrow afternoon or so.

Picture of everyone for everyone. Thanks to Björn on #svg who did not attend.