Anne van Kesteren

calc() value

During the W3C Technical Planery I did not have much time to attend other groups unfortunately. The first two days I had the CDF WG to attend and the last two days the WAF WG. Well, that Friday WAF stopped a bit earlier than I expected and therefore I had some time to spend on the Protocols and Formats WG where I met a bunch of nice people. Among others, Aaron Leventhal who has been working on accessibility enhancements for Firefox over the past four years. Saturday everything was more or less over. My flight was going around 16:30, but it happened to be that the CSS WG was meeting that day! As I did not have any plans I asked Bert on Friday if I could join the meeting for half of the day. Here are the CSS WG members (and observers):

David Baron, Frederick Boland, Håkon Wium Lie, Cesar Acebal, Bert Bos, Daniel Glazman, fantasai, Molly Holzschlag, Anne van Kesteren, Ian Hickson, Steve Zilles, Tantek Çelik.

During that first half of the day, as Daniel mentioned, a calc() value was discussed for properties that accept lengths as values. Great!