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CSS hacking

A CSS hack is basically about exploiting one browser bug to solve another. Now a new browser comes out that solves the exploited bugs, but not the other and people start advocating hacking to be stopped. It’s not that simple. Hacks are wrong (forget what I said in Implement CSS 2.1. The reason they are is that using them might prevent further enhancements to a specification. Something that’s invalid now might be a feature in the future.

Arriving at this point in my little rant I realize that the only point in not updating your site to exclude CSS hacks is that the intentention is probably wrong. Let me explain. Updating for Internet Explorer 7 should not be necessary, in theory it fixed its CSS bugs and besides that _height:1% is now ignored, it also supports your nice method of float clearing using generated content. Except that it doesn’t. And there is the real problem. The day a comment before the DOCTYPE no longer triggers quirks mode I certainly hope they fixed all those nasty little buggers, otherwise I have to update quite some content… On the other hand, I heard is already rendered differently while that site uses quirks mode.


  1. Using zoom:1 still works for the clearing I heard. I will use that from now on probably, whenever I put Internet Explorer in standards mode, or follow CSS 2.1, whenever that works.

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  2. Float clearing by specifying overflow:auto or hidden on the outer element works in the latest beta 2 preview of IE7 (it didn't in the first public beta 2 preview).

    IE7 however still does have many, many, many bugs. Still a lot that where already present in IE6 like the broken z-index implementation but also a nice collection of new bugs ;)

    Posted by Tino Zijdel at

  3. I do have to agree here for the most part. I typically clear floats using overflow:auto, as it is so much easier than all these other methods.

    I am not much for hacks myself, partially due to some of your rants I am sure. I tend to use the IE conditional tags to fix up styling in IE. I am not sure if this would be considered a hack, but I would think not.

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  4. Any of the 'hasLayout' triggers on the parent of your floated blocks will contain your floats within that parent in iExploder 7. That means, you could use min/max-width/height, width, overflow:hidden/auto,... Check our hasLayout bible for more. Oh, and see that acidic float test on the way, some head aches ahead.

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  5. Web 3.0: semantic CSS!

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  6. It's a case of use them with caution; it's not something I'd personally do, if I could avoid them using a more clean method that achieved a similar effect. You cannot accurately predict the unknown, future or reliability of such trickery anyway.

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