Anne van Kesteren

Everything old is new again

A few weeks back I found an old layout of my weblog again. Today I had some time to put it back up. Did the CSS again because of some markup changes (and I lost the original) and recreated some images. You can still select the old design: it’s marked “Readable.” I’m aware of rendering bugs in browser X and of possible ways to fix the problems in browser X; no need to comment on that. Thanks. Have fun.


  1. Cool... always liked this one. :)

    Posted by Andy Hume at

  2. Haha, looks like something I could have smacked together like 2 years ago. And that headerfont, I have used it on like 10 designs(none published)

    Just dont do one of those dark designs like Dustin Diaz, sorry, but I cant see the point of those. Is it like the new whitespace design?

    Posted by Sebastian at

  3. so nice!

    it reminds me of the first time i saw your website... long ago :)

    Posted by nick at

  4. I always like this one.

    Posted by Frenzie at

  5. I never understood why you moved away from this design. Glad it's back, nostalgic in a way :p

    Posted by Joël Kuiper at

  6. Cool beans. Nice update, or back-date. :)

    Posted by Ethan Poole at

  7. I think you should support Internet Explorer. You'll probably find it really "cool" to not support the browser because it lacks support for some standards. However, you're always promoting accessibility, so support the damn browser. It's not that hard.

    Posted by Kees at

  8. Really oldschool, I like it :-)

    I wonder what you've changed, it never really worked in IE but now it's really messed up. On the other hand I agree with Kees, this is not the way to promote accessibility. No matter how bad IE is, you're doing the exact same thing know...

    Posted by Ulco at

  9. I like this design too, but it's completly broken under Firefox 1.0.7 : no header, menu items "inline" et "standards sucks" on the right; very strange (the browser cache is empty).

    Anyway, please leave this design for a long time :)

    Posted by David Duret at

  10. I'm actually glad to see the old design again. I am wondering, though, why the page can't just have a conditional comment that contains a <link> element to an IE specific stylesheet. I realize it's proprietary to IE, but then so is the IE-specific styling. Is this omission an ideological stand, or just an oversight?

    Posted by Matthew Raymond at

  11. I always loved this design :) Didn't know it's that elitist and non-accessible though, I was rather surprised of the mess IE made of it.

    What's the point in promoting XHTML and accessibility-friendly design and markup if it's just in theory and doesn't have the practical implication of going all the way and actually making stuff accessible?

    Posted by Guido at

  12. Guido, you must be new here.

    Anyway, given that I already had one Firefox specific workaround and one Opera specific workaround it seems only fair to also include an Internet Explorer specific workaround in the markup. I really dislike hacks in the markup though.

    Posted by Anne van Kesteren at

  13. Really cool, I always liked this one ;).

    Posted by Chris Eidhof at

  14. How did you manage to lose the original; surely you do incremental backups of data and have it stored in one of those web archives.

    Posted by Robert Wellock at

  15. Why is the logo not a link to homepage?

    Posted by Kleenex at

  16. I've always liked this design better than most others I've seen on your blog. I'm very glad it's back again! :-)

    Posted by Asbjørn Ulsberg at

  17. Sweet comeback. The "Browse through posts: ..." link is a bit hard to read when hovering, otherwise great!

    Posted by bza at

  18. Love the new, erh, old design! I remember calling my girlfriend (well, ex-girl now) when you put up the new design telling her you did so..

    Good to see the old back.

    Posted by Martijn Engler at

  19. Sweeeet!

    Thank you Anne, this takes me back... I used to love this design. Still do.

    Posted by Sébastien Guillon at

  20. You do realise this one is actually far more readable, right ;)

    Posted by James John Malcolm (AkaXakA) at

  21. Finally a readable version of your website ;-)

    Posted by Woudloper at

  22. what… wait a minute! That was you. Clear now you brought down your white mask.

    (just kidding ;)

    Posted by karl at

  23. I like it, though the "standards suck" guy seems to touch the text, which kind of bothers me. Apart from that, nice.

    Posted by Bojan at

  24. Hehe. I remember this layout, it was this way when I first saw this site. But didn't the guy say CSS sucks before?

    Posted by Björn at

  25. He did. Some things do change.

    Posted by Anne van Kesteren at

  26. This design reminds me the days I thought you weren't a male, because of your first name :S

    Posted by Rémi at

  27. It does look a little funky with images disabled though...

    Posted by Mathias at

  28. Ah, just checking. I'm glad I didn't just dream CSS Sucks up.

    And thanks for letting the previous style sit there as an alternative style. Nice.

    Posted by Björn at

  29. Hadn't visited your weblog for some time... and was pleasantly surprised that you had the old design back.

    And never mind that browser X.

    Posted by Mark at

  30. You might start a new trend with retro styling, look different than most blogs and therefore more interesting.

    Posted by Eric at