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Here is the schedule:

Somewhere in the center of France

In Boston there’s the W3C Application Formats WG meeting from the first till the third of August. The days before I’m off. Anyone suggestions for what to visit there? France is vacation, Oslo is working for Opera.


  1. Sites of interest in Boston, Massachusetts

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  2. That's quite the travel schedule.Two minor suggestions:

    1. Consider using an ordered list instead of a definition list for the events, since they do have an order, and it's a bit of a semantic stretch to say that the definition for a date is one or more locations.
    2. Try marking up your travel schedule with hCalendar markup, perhaps use the hCalendar creator to quickly and easily generate the necessary markup which I'm sure you can then cleanup and customize to your liking.

    Well done with the "Preview" comment function and well-formedness check on the comments BTW (perhaps consider adding accesskey="p" to the (Preview) button just like MediaWiki), and looking forward to hearing about your experience with trying hCalendar.

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  3. Hey Anne, we met at XTech this year when we had dinner with Hixie, remember? Anyway, I live in Boston, and I'd say one of my favorite parts of the city is Copley Square (the Copley stop on the green line), especially the Boston Public Library. (There's a courtyard inside the library that's really pretty -- check it out, it only takes a minute and it's free). Anywhere on the Charles River is nice. You should probably go across the river and see some of Cambridge (the T's red line will get you there), probably including Harvard Square and the Harvard campus. That's pretty, though maybe not as impressive to a European as it is to Americans.

    Near my school (Northeastern University) is the Museum of Fine Arts (the Museum stop on the green E line), which is a very nice museum. If you want a cool view of the city, go to the Prudential building (the Prudential stop is on the green E line) and take the elevator up to the top floor (52nd floor) to the "Top of the Hub" restaurant -- the restaurant is actually not very good, but you can just go up and look or sit in the lounge and order a drink.. except that you're underage in my country, so it has to be non-alcoholic. ;) To find the elevator you have to go into the middle of the Prudential mall.

    What else... Americans like the North End (the Haymarket stop on the green or orange line) because it's reminiscent of Italy, but again that won't be as impressive to a European.

    If you like the water, you can rent a canoe or kayak on the Charles. This is a little hard to get to by public transportation, though. I don't think it's near a T stop.

    Brookline is a beautiful part of town. Take the green C line maybe to Coolidge Corner or Washington Square and walk around.

    And of course you shouldn't miss the Boston Common, which is a famous historical park and very pretty -- especially the adjacent Boston Public Gardens. Take the red or green line to Park Street, or the green line to Boylston.

    Hope that helps!


    P.S.: a few restaurants I like:

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  4. This needs some better-than-default styling; 2006-08-04 looks like it has no content. Perhaps dt + dt { display: run-in; } dt + dt::before { content: ", "; }? Although that would look bad in gecko, as ::before is implemented but display: run-in isn't... if only there were some way to select a dt that's followed by another dt.

    Although I might agree with Tantek that dl isn't right for this anyway. Not sure.

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  5. Er, of course that wouldn't work. Where's display: run-out when you need it? :P

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  6. Your travelling schedule is pretty insane. Boston is nice though, I've spent half a year there during my study, their university has a quite prestigious supercomputer project running.

    Furthermore Salt Lake is pretty impressive (especially this time of the year) and offcourse the parks are thing you shouldn't miss while being there.

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  7. Er, of course that wouldn't work. Where's display: run-out when you need it? :P

    Hehehe :)

    Possibly display: compact could be useful here? (if it didn't have even worse support than display: run-in that is) though it might require a bit of hacky guesswork in setting the right amount of margin... Then again perhaps just using float/clear might be better?

    dt { float: left; }
    dt + dd { clear: both; }
    dt + dt::before { content: ', '; }

    Regardless, it sounds like a pretty packed schedule. Have fun!

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  8. That seems like a pretty relaxed schedule to me ;)

    There are some nice museums (most of them have been mentioned, but I also like Paul Revere's house...). The Freedom Trail is actually quite a nice walk for a day, interesting, and by the end of it I was left wondering just how much Paul Revere made out of the revolution.

    You should also go to Mary Chung's chinese restaurant near MIT (err, if I have the name right. If not someone will be able to correct me), and the MIT museum is actually pretty cool.

    In Oslo you should go see the various ship-related museums on Bygdøy, but you will be too busy working :P

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