Anne van Kesteren

Back in The Netherlands

After about two months I’m back. I arrived Sunday and felt sick since that day. I guess I worked too hard. University starts the day after tomorrow and I think I’ll feel good enough then. I also booked tickets today for more travelling. Going to Casablanca by plane and then to Rabat by train. Flying to Rabat directly doubles the cost more or less. By default KLM picked very uncomfortable flying times and told me I (well, Opera) had to pay about a 1000 euro. Flying around six in the morning. Totally crazy as it means you have to be around four at the airport which means I have to get up around two. So I changed that to midday and did the same for the trip back and now the cost was cut in half. Cute. I hope the weather is nice there.

For what it’s worth, the travelling is for a W3C Web APIs Working Group meeting. It will be the first W3C Working Group meeting ever to be held on African soil. My “manager,” Charles, is mostly responsible for that.


  1. There have been a few W3C related events in Africa, for example, the opening of the office in Rabat, where you are going. But indeed, I do not seem to remember any WGs meeting. I do not remember meetings for South America as well.

    That would be fun to know where all WGs have met since the start. For QA WG (when it was still open), Belgium, USA, Canada, France, Crete, Japan, Ireland, UK.

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  2. Anne: take some time, but what is your actual personal opinion about IE7?

    Posted by Tino Zijdel at

  3. It’s not as good as I hoped, but I’m glad they’re doing it and that they’re comitting to “yearly updates.” That has not much to do with this post though and you of all people should know what usually happens to off-topic remarks…

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  4. I am not convinced that scattering meeting locations around the globe does anything but ensure that only the highest-budgeted W3C Members can attend. And I pity the very tall Dino, who has to schlep there in steerage class.

    Posted by Joe Clark at

  5. I'm with Joe on this one.

    But have fun in Rabat anyway!

    Posted by James John Malcolm (AkaXakA) at