Anne van Kesteren

Back (again)

Back. That was fun! Next week: Stockholm. Between now and then I think I’ll do some university work, meet some people and push some new drafts out of Selectors API and The XMLHttpRequest Object. Hopefully I have some time to blog about some of the remaining issues in the XMLHttpRequest draft.

If you’re up for some fun reading material I suggest you read Content-sniffing is a Valid Technique. I would love to meet John Boyer. I’d have lots of fun.


  1. Going to Stockholm? Man, you must feel like you won the lottery or something! :-)

    Posted by Robert Nyman at

  2. I was wondering what had happened to you man! Meanwhile, I’m about to embark on a short trip to Lisbon. Yay for airplanes!

    Posted by Mark Wubben at

  3. Next week? like next week when it´s a geek-meet in stockholm?

    u have just goto be there :)

    Posted by icaaq at

  4. Stockholm rockar :)

    Posted by Jozef Benko at

  5. Yes I think we might have a lively discussion about a number of things including so-called content sniffing (i.e. doing something non-dumb with content received). In fact, speaking of having a little fun, how about I prime the pump a bit with this little tidbit from hixie.

    Posted by John Boyer at