Anne van Kesteren

reboot 9.0

I thought I couldn’t make reboot this year, but it seems that I can after all. I will be giving yet another talk on HTML5 which I have yet to write. I suppose it will be inspired by previous talks. I will arrive in Copenhagen next Wednesday around 16:35 which should buy me and Mark Wubben (who has a different flight, but same arrival time) enough time to attend the pre reboot get-together in some park. Weather better be good! I’m leaving Thursday evening to be able to do another presentation the next day in Amsterdam at and sort out some other things while I’m in the Netherlands. (I’m leaving tomorrow (from Oslo) to stay in the Netherlands until June 3 with the notable exception of the aforementioned trip to Copenhagen.) Should be fun!


  1. Travelling is nice – lucky you! :)

    Posted by nick at

  2. You called me from Oslo? You are everywhere! Anyway, I'll land at CPH 15 minutes after you. Two flights from the same company (Air France-KLM) and from the same airport, 15 minutes apart. What a waste :)

    Posted by Mark Wubben at

  3. I assume you know every flight attendant by their first name by now? Hope you have fun at the reboot and I look forward to your presentation at :)

    Posted by Kilian Valkhof at