Anne van Kesteren

Issue with Ubuntu

Ubuntu works great for me. I only have problems with the monitor stuff. Making it work with my video card required some hacking in a text file when installing (done mostly by Arve) and making it work on a projector is something I have yet to do. Since I got my new laptop with Ubuntu I have given two presentations. Both on Windows XP. I have seen some solutions online that involve hacking that text file again. No fun. Fn+F7 should just work. I guess I will hack in support when I am in Oslo again and Arve is around :-)


  1. ThinkWiki may give some tips on this. Excellent site.

    Posted by David Håsäther at

  2. Yeah, xorg.conf, I know. Hopefully you don't have an ATI graphics card... The things I have gone through to make X11 work on my 32" HDTV, damn! I guess that's the trade off for having the pleasure of using apt-get install svn firefox thunderbird cvs scite opera kde, etcetera. :-)

    Posted by Robbert Broersma at

  3. $ aticonfig --query-monitor
    Connected monitors: foo,bar
      Enabled monitors: foo
    $ aticonfig --enable-monitor=foo,bar

    Posted by Arve at

  4. Lots of people complain about issues with sound cards, etc. but in my experience those all work perfectly. My main issue has also been graphics cards. I often have to go hack my xorg.conf especially to get the right screen refresh rate; but that should only bother people in retarded countries on CRT screens anyway.

    Posted by Charl van Niekerk at

  5. Hmmm, from Arve's comment I gather you have an ATI graphics card. That sucks because of the incomplete Linux drivers that ATI/AMD provide.

    I actually recently read a blog post that indicated that the blogger's laptop running Ubuntu Feisty automatically detected a projector. From what I understand, you need an onboard Intel graphics chip, and (x)randr 1.2 installed. That's definitely something I will remember next time I buy a pc/laptop.

    Posted by Roel at