Anne van Kesteren


I finally switched over to DreamHost. I’ve been using TransIP more or less since that post by the way; awesome registrar service. Moving to DreamHost enables working with sshfs which is very nice! It also provides tons of other options that were difficult or impossible at my old hosting provider. I suppose I’ll have similar uptime to,, et cetera which is good enough for me.

I had a small migration issue, but apart from some funny comments no feedback was given. I’ll assume that’s a good thing. The more annoying migration issue involved moving all the data. Actually, no, moving all the data and making sure the output was identical. My database script required an additional line to deal with the issue: mysql_query("SET NAMES 'utf8'");. On the upside, I guess, I’m now running PHP and MySQL 5.something. On the downside, I should probably investigate what it takes to do Unicode properly nowadays when using PHP and MySQL.