Anne van Kesteren

Opera 9.5 (Kestrel)

Seems that we (we being Opera Software) just released an alpha of Opera 9.5; cool! It supposedly has some usability enhancements, but we all (well, I do) really care about canvas improvements, an almost (::selection is missing) full implementation of Selectors, getElementsByClassName, JavaScript getters and setters, SVG referenced from the img element and from the background-image and list-style-image properties, and some new CSS properties: text-shadow, overflow-x, overflow-y, outline-offset, et cetera. Bug reports appreciated. Changelog available.


  1. SVG-documents as background images, let's hope all major browsers will implement that soon; vector images scale really well when you resize the containing browser window.

    Posted by Niels Sijm at

  2. Lots of changes! Gotta try if Xopus works now :) By the way, @font-face didn't make it in?

    Posted by Mark Wubben at

  3. AFAIK, @font-face isn't part of CSS 2.1.

    Posted by Yahia at

  4. So far it seems so good. Infact, it seems excellent. There are some quirks of course, but that can only be expected in an alpha release. Great work, guys! I especially love the mail related changes; they were all highly needed and wanted.

    Posted by Asbjørn Ulsberg at

  5. Lots of changes, indeed. Some of them pretty useful when fully implemented.

    No word though on the <video> element. Either it is not a priority for Opera, or it was dropped since that Windows-only experimental build months ago.

    It's funny. At first I thought the situation was pretty ironic, as it seemed the maker of a proprietary browser would be the first to support Open Media formats, while Mozilla seemed not to care. Now it's the other way around. I'm still wondering what brower will be the first to get <video>.

    Posted by Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves at

  6. Tour du Mont Blanc (xposting, sorry)! Cool! I did it asbout 5 years ago, almost cost me my knee, but it was worth it. Did cost me my relationship though, wasn't worth that now I come to think of it...

    Posted by Lon at

  7. Where is my scrollbar? In 9.23 it was still there, now it's gone. Too bad, because the complete site navigation relies on the scrollbar.

    also: even if there is a scrollbar, Opera is the only one that doesn't fire onscroll events during scrolling, making my effect less interesting

    but besides that: thanks for a great browser

    Posted by Lon at

  8. Images [background; list-item; et al.] that scale with your font-size losslessly. Walhala.

    Posted by ACJ at

  9. Opera is a great browser. If I have to leave firefox for some reason (perhaps the RAM usage) I 'll go with opera. What keeps me with FF is the wide-range of extensions available especially the web developers toolbar and a few more that I can't live without. I hope they minimized the resource usage in opera 9.5

    Posted by Zeb at