Anne van Kesteren

Bye bye XML 1.1?

It seems that the XML Core WG is considering to change XML 1.0 with respect to handling of element names and attribute values. They want to relax the restrictions on those in order to allow more characters: If XML 1.0 relaxed the restrictions on element and attribute names, those who preferred to retain the Appendix B constraints in their documents would be free to do so, but those who wish to use element and attribute names in languages normally written in any of the Ethiopic, Cherokee, Canadian Syllabics, Khmer, Mongolian, Yi, Philippine, New Tai Lue, Buginese, Syloti Nagri, N'Ko, and Tifinagh scripts will be able to do so, as will users of minority languages whose scripts appeared in Unicode 2.0 but were lacking essential letters for writing those languages.

New XML 1.0 documents using such characters will break in “old” XML 1.0 parsers, but given that not all XML 1.0 parser developers were happy adopting XML 1.1 this seems like a better way forward. Incremental evolution is always nice. Incidentally, this is exactly what XML5 does too.

They also mentioned that they will “deprecate” XML 1.1 if this rule goes in effect. Deprecate is often used by people, but I’m not sure why. It seems to sit between “in” and “out” with people hoping usage will fade away over time. But if that’s the goal, why not obsolete the feature right away?


  1. this is exactly what XML5 does too

    Did you mean HTML5?

    Posted by Mondo at

  2. Nope.

    Posted by Anne van Kesteren at