Anne van Kesteren

In Cambridge, Boston

In the Hyatt in Cambridge (Boston) using the internet for ten bucks a day. Feeling sleepy. It seems to be quite easy to let someone pay for internet access here as all it requires is the name of a person and the room he’s staying in. I haven’t actually tested this yet.

The more interesting news is that I had a few beers legally yesterday evening (around fricking six or seven in the morning Amsterdam time or so). Around two in the morning Amsterdam time I had dinner in The Cheesecake Factory. Letting you wait a long time before getting in and then getting you out fast seems to be the idea. And apparently, this works. One of the reasons is probably that you get a beeper so you can shop until it goes off at which point you go back, wait another twenty minutes, and then you are guided to your table.

Just got back from breakfast which we had around three in the afternoon Amsterdam time. I think I’m getting used to the idea that it’s sort of morning here. Tomorrow the meetings will start. Excellent. This week I’ll be discussing cross-site requests, ARIA, XMLHttpRequest, HTML5, and maybe some CSS. We’ll see how it goes. Meeting the rest of the standards crowd is probably more fun than all that and maybe even the primary reason to have such meetings in the first place. I should probably mention W3CTP 2007 (AC doesn’t apply to me).


  1. In the Hyatt in Denver the internet was also $10 per day, but when I asked at the reception, it turned out to be free for people who actually sleep there.

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