Anne van Kesteren

Happy 2008

Happy New Year! Last few years (starting 2003 maybe) I worked on making Web standards (and browsers) suck less. This year will be more of the same. To give that a positive spin, one could say working on high quality Web standards, but that sounds cheesy. I don’t really have any new year resolutions, apart from becoming a better cook and making sure I can live in my own house(!) by January 7 or so. Well, actually, I think I want to devote more of my working time to CSS. I’m currently working on the CSS Object Model which obsoletes DOM Level 2 Style and I think it’s about time that happens. (And there are some related projects, such as CSS parsing, Media Queries, selector for heading levels, et cetera.)


  1. And Anne has made his common error of "Januari" mixing Dutch and English again… :P

    Not a New Year's Resolution to get that right? :)

    Posted by Geoffrey Sneddon at

  2. I hope to see a lot of your great work on CSS this year Anne! We'll certainly be following it at!

    Posted by Joost de Valk - at

  3. Happy New Year, Anne. Guess we're all really curious about 2008 and the development of HTML and CSS …!

    Posted by Jens Meiert at

  4. Happy 2008, Anne!

    Posted by Arjan at

  5. Wait, I thought you had a rule to insult people in new year's posts? What happened here? Is this a softer Anne for 2008? :)

    Posted by Dean Jackson at

  6. Dean, how nice of you to drop by! I’m amazed you’re still alive after your recent corperate SVG backstabbing on www-style. Lucky you!

    Posted by Anne van Kesteren at

  7. It won't be the tools that save us in 2008, it will be Anne!:) Looking forward to checking out your new pad sometime this year. Let's host a WAF meeting there:D

    Posted by Marcos Caceres at

  8. Hopefully it will be even better than 2007 was, merry new year everyone.

    Posted by Robert Wellock at