Anne van Kesteren

The Ajax Experience 2008

The Ajax Experience is fun so far. I might actually have my slides ready twelve hours in advance, though I will probably do some last minute edits. Bruce Lawson suggested calling the talk Ajax 2.0, and I went with that, but unfortunately the printed conference guide suggests it is “Opera and Ajax.” Ouch. The talk will be about making Ajax-style applications accessible (WAI-ARIA), HTML5, XMLHttpRequest Level 2, Access Control for Cross-Site Requests, Web Workers, Web Forms 2.0, and maybe a quick demonstration of Opera Dragonfly. This may seem like a lot, but I talk quite quickly and have to go on for an hour so covering a lot of topics seemed like the best solution. (That is, I will probably be done in forty-five minutes so people can ask questions.)

So far the talk from Francisco Tolmasky from 280 North on Objective-J and Cappuccino was the one I enjoyed the most. He equalled browsers with graphic cards, Cappuccino with OpenGL, and envisioned a world where everyone can just write their own language and is not limited by differences between browsers, and especially not between all the different paradigms browsers offer (CSS, HTML, SVG, canvas, et cetera). Cappuccino also works. Definitely worth following.