Anne van Kesteren

The Ajax Experience 2008: Ajax 2.0

In retrospect not the best title, but my presentation, Ajax 2.0, went well. (Requires a rendering engine with support for the CSS projection media type and the HTML video element.) Hopefully the recorded audio together with a video of my screen will be made available soon.

In other news, Standards Suck is back with a post on Advanced CSS Layouts. We’re planning on covering the W3C Technical Plenary this year, which is effectively the Mecca of standards suckage.


  1. May I know how was created presentation?

    Did you use something like that?

    Posted by Gleb Arestov at

  2. I wrote it in a text editor using an Opera 9.52 + video build to test. It’s just some basic HTML and CSS after all.

    Posted by Anne van Kesteren at