Anne van Kesteren

After the mountain

I saw a few blog posts lately blaming Twitter for killing their blog. As a Twitter user I think I agree. Though there are some other factors too, e.g. travelling a whole lot more than a couple of years ago and losing interest in pointing out that someone is wrong on the internet.

Anyway, I went to Germany, after conquering the mountain and spending a few days at home to fix the heating (my house is getting cosy), for the Opera University Tours program. Had a lot of fun together with Bernd and Roberto. Blog posts of our trip to Germany are available: German university tour stops in Munich, Opera in Lübeck, and Opera in Hannover.

Then I went to Oslo (still there) for hanging out at Opera HQ and the (in)famous Oslo Christmas party. I will go to Linköping today by train, together with a bunch of collegues, for a standards related meeting tomorrow and the Linköping Christmas party afterwards. Hah! Also looking forward to meeting jgraham, zcorpan, bratell, etc. again.

Saturday I will come back to the Netherlands and then Monday I will fly out to Moscow for fun (might do work too, if the network expenses are not too bad, but I guess they will be) and to support my brother in a harp competition he has there. After that it is really Christmas and propably time to relax a little.


  1. Then spend some time pointing out when someone is right. Pick works you agree with, or like, and link to them. Maybe you'll start to like all of this again.

    Posted by Shelley at

  2. Wat 'n drukte!

    Posted by Robbert Broersma at

  3. Blogging is takes time and consideration. Like yourself there are lots of other distractions to keep us occupied, Twitter being possibly the smallest bit of interaction we do seem to squeeze in. Personally I need to make the choice to blog more or not, in the end that's not Twitters fault. It's that I've used it as my outlet in the way my blog normally is. Twitter is great because it is incidental, I should just treat it that way and get back to blogging as well.

    You seem to be doing well, keep it up and have fun along the way. We'll be watching, on Twitter.

    Posted by Egor Kloos at

  4. Anne, you do mean "losing interest in pointing out that something is wrong on the internet?"

    I just can not understand why people Twitter. Some people just Twitter their ordinary existence and I just ponder, Why?

    Posted by Alan Gresley at

  5. Nope, I do not.

    (I personally use Twitter mostly as a simple way to communicate with friends and colleagues. It is quite effective at that.)

    Posted by Anne van Kesteren at

  6. Anne - as I mentioned to @marcosc, Twitter is perfect for bloggers with Attention Deficit Disorder :-).

    Posted by Art Barstow at

  7. Art - Thank you, now I understand. :-)

    Posted by Alan Gresley at