Anne van Kesteren

My year in cities, 2008

As per Mark, in no particular order and potentially incomplete, cities I visited in 2008:

One or more nights in each place, except Monaco and Hannover, where I was for half a day each. Some places I visited several times, e.g. Oslo (Opera HQ) and Utrecht (home).

chaals, if you happen to read this, I encourage you to compile such a list as well, I’m curious :-)


  1. Looks like some neat trips. And that we had some destinations in common (obviously, I liked the idea of a quick retrospective too). Nice.

    Posted by Jens Meiert at

  2. Yay, Copenhagen is on the list :D Come back some time..

    Posted by Julian at

  3. hi anne,
    neat list, i wished i could travel so much ;)
    (if you didn't remember me: we had a cool evening together in munich in november with the "opera campus crew" after you're presentation at the lmu)

    happy new year


    Posted by Dennis Roczek at

  4. Could have been a wonderful list, but sadly enough Tilburg is not on it ;-)

    Best wishes for 2009!

    Posted by Sander at

  5. I'm missing the Hague!

    And if you had visited the Hague now and then you could've added Brussels to the list as well (Q-uitje)

    Posted by Lon at

  6. Ah, I actually went to Brussels as well, forgot about that. But I would have loved to go with you guys! Definitely need to show up in the Hague this year then :-)

    Posted by Anne van Kesteren at

  7. Why do you hate the environment so much? ;)

    (or maybe you walked between cities?)

    Posted by Dean Jackson at

  8. Cycled Dean, I cycled. It’s what we Dutch do :-)

    Posted by Anne van Kesteren at

  9. I only did San Francisco and some Dutch cities last year. But I do know I will see you in Breda next monday ;)

    Posted by Andre Scholten at