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Kings of Code 2009 slides

On popular request, my slides from Kings of Code 2009: Web Platform (slides). (For some reason it crashes on Google Chrome in Ubuntu, so beware!) Most of the functionality works in an Opera build with video support. (We should push out some of that new Core magic to the public in my humble opinion.)

As for Kings of Code itself, it was quite unfortunate I did not have enough time to tell the complete story and demo various things. Better luck (and planning) next time!


  1. Speaking of "that new Core magic", I've run into a bit of a snag while planning implementation of inline videos in Project Velt, an Opera widget for creating slideshows, which I develop.

    Project Velt is capable of creating slideshows in the S5 1.1 format, which is intentionally compatible with Opera's OSF 1.0. Project Velt can also export S5 slideshows as pure OSF.

    The problem is that OSF mandates XHTML 1.0 Strict, which precludes use of the video tag. Is there a working group of some kind to further OSF development, either within Opera or some standards body?

    I would be interested in seeing a more modern, more semantic OSF 2.0 written in HTML5. This would directly benefit you, with your many slideshows, and it might give browser vendors a more compelling reason to support the projection media type.

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  2. I do not think there is any working group working on it, to be honest. Working in the spirit of OSF 1.0 but with the HTML5 DOCTYPE and the new features is probably your best bet. And maybe contacting someone on the forums about it or something. Personally I create my slide shows in HTML5 with some custom conventions that change every now and then :-)

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  3. Thanks for the advice. Here's a link to my forum post, for those interested in following the discussion.

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