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I am actually in the Netherlands on my birthday. I think the last time that happened was before this weblog. And even then it was rare, as this is vacation period in Europe. One of my better birthday memories is from somewhere in the mountains in Switzerland, where August 1 is a national holiday and as such there is lots of firework to be seen at night.


  1. W00t! Happy Birthday!

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  2. Happy Birthday, Anne!

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  3. Happy Birthday from Tokyo!

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  4. Congrats Anne :)

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  5. Happy Birthday!

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  6. Happy Birthday from Poland!

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  7. Hey, the fireworks was great this year too in Switzerland. :)

    Happy Birthday!

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  8. Happy Birthday, Anne. 31st of July was mine :)

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  9. Happy Birthday from USA

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  10. Happy belated birthday!

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  11. Happy birthday from Oregon, USA! Enjoy the weather in Europe.

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  12. Gefeliciteerd!

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