Anne van Kesteren

My year in places, 2009

I had fun compiling this last year so I thought I would do it again now I am pretty sure I will not leave the country before it is 2010. This time it is in chronological order with duplicates removed, as far as I can remember anyway. I renamed it to places (rather than cities) mostly because of Greenland and Iceland, that deserve a mention, but in neither we stayed in a city long enough. Also added some annotations here and there.


  1. I honestly don't understand how people can brag about this sort of thing given the environmental cost of traveling.

    Do you really need to take all these trips?

    Posted by Walter McGrain at

  2. I hate the guilt argument against travel. If the public feels pollution from traveling must be reduced then they should raise taxes on these things. Otherwise the responsible people suffer while the irresponsible benefit from lower prices due to reduced demand of flight tickets.

    Posted by Ben Joffe at

  3. To compensate for travelling by plane, Anne doesn't print out the specs he's working on :-P

    Posted by Edwin at

  4. Walter, no, not at all. But I like travelling! If I would quit my job at Opera I could probably sit at home forever, but that would make things very dull. For me anyway. Not sure if it helps my case, but I did buy off all CO2 usage (and then some) and electricity at home is supposedly green.

    Posted by Anne at