Anne van Kesteren

In an ideal world

I slept a full sixteen hours, non stop, the night after I came back from San Francisco. That night was supposedly on the plane, somewhere between getting on at 4PM local time and getting off at 11AM local time, but I did not have much sleep. Instead I watched The Invention of Lying and Up in the Air. And although the former has not the best score on IMDb the story was very original and entertaining. I would elaborate if it wasn’t for all the other summaries readily available. The two nights after that I slept about ten hours each, so I was hoping for more last night. It had to stop, of course, it always does.

Next to me sat Matthijs. I think technically he is my former stepbrother, but usually we refer to each other as brother/friend. It does not come up in conversation. Anyway, he is driving and we hit this car slightly from behind due to an external influence I could not quite place yet, but nothing is “wrong” so we continue. Later on we are nearing this cliff on one side of the road while on the other side it is mostly flat. We are again in trouble with other cars though now one of those cars flips. Apparently pushed over due to strong winds. As I try to get Matthijs to slow down he accelerates and steers hard left to avoid the cliff. As we fall my eyes black out and I wake up.

This being only an hour or so after I went to bed I felt somewhat awake again. My mind started wondering about my dream. Matthijs, much like me, has no driver’s license, but we want to go on a road trip one day. While I was in Argentina a car was blown off the road on the way from El Chaltén to El Calafate. Dreams, connecting dots in unexpected ways.

The next half an hour I wondered whether I should take notes and why people sometimes use “perfect” or “in an ideal world” which when you look at the bigger picture are somewhat meaningless phrases. E.g. in an ideal world computers would be fast. When something like that is uttered I am left wondering, why are computers part of an ideal world to begin with?