Anne van Kesteren

Leaving Mozilla

I will be officially leaving Mozilla on the last day of June. My last working day will be June 16. Perhaps I should say I will be leaving the Mozilla Corporation — MoCo, as it’s known internally. After all, once you’re a Mozillian, you’re always a Mozillian. I was there for a significant part of my life — nine years, most of them great, some tough. I was empowered and supported by leadership to move between cities and across countries. Started by moving to London (first time I lived abroad) in February 2013, then Zürich in May 2014, Engelberg (my personal favorite) in May 2015, Zürich again in February 2017, and now here in Berlin since September 2018. In the same time period I moved in with my wonderful partner and we became the lucky parents of two amazing children. It isn’t always easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. They bring me joy every day.

It’s been such a privilege and humbling experience to be able to learn about the internet, browsers, and systems engineering from some of the most talented, kind, and caring people in the world in that space. And furthermore, to be able to build it with them, in my small way. They are always seeking to truly solve problems by approaching them from first principles. As well as looking to raise the layers of abstraction upon which we build the digital world. And then actually doing it, too. I recently read A Philosophy of Software Design by John Ousterhout and it struck me that a lot of the wisdom in that book has been imparted upon me by my time here.

I am extremely grateful to my beautiful colleagues, friends, and leadership at Mozilla for making this a period in my life I will treasure forever. So long, and thanks for all the browser engines. And remember, always ask: is this good for the web? ❤️