Anne van Kesteren

W3C Meeting Tips

I’m sharing a room with Marcos who had a headache this morning from the beer. Combined with a conversation we had yesterday with Charles and Doug this led to the creation of some tips for W3C meetings:

  1. Don’t go out with the red bearded Australian.
  2. If you want to come late you have to come at least an hour late. If you’re half an hour late you’re most likely on time. Going out with the aforementioned guy will aid you in coming late.
  3. Buy painkillers. This will help you the morning after you’ve gone out and generally helps in dozing off during meetings.

Yours truly has violated tip one several times (he is my manager, after all) and followed tip two once as a result of one. Don’t think I’ll try three.


  1. This definitely needs to be added to the W3C's Process document and the WAF/WebAPI WGs' "working mode guidelines" :-)!

    Posted by AFBarstow at